Justin Stephens' Awesome Portfolio

Aleta's Archive

Card and deck database for the digital trading card game Infinity Wars.

Willits Weekly

Website for the small town newspaper Willits Weekly.

Nancy Ellis Literary Agency

Website for the litary agent Nancy Ellis.

Willits Frontier Days

Informational website for the Independance Day celebration and rodeo called Willits Frontier Days

Sparetime Supply

Website for the company Sparetime Supply, llc.

Infinity Wars Forum Card Link

BBCode addition to the official Infinity Wars forums that allows users to easily link cards in their posts.

Mendo-Lake Termite

Website for a pest extermination company called Mendo-Lake termite.

Your Community Garden

Backedn and Development Frameworks project called Your Community Garden that allowed for keeping record of what was planted and by whom in a small community garden.


Bibliophile is an Adobe Air application that allows you to search for books and save them to a reading list.

Airline App Mockup

Mockup of a theoretical app for a fictional airline.